No You're Not!: Cleverbot Thinks It's God

December 28, 2009


For those of you who live sheltered lives, Cleverbot is a misnomered (word wizardry baby, awh yeah!) artificial intelligence program you can talk to on the internets in case you ever wanted to read a bunch of robotic propaganda and other filth (stick to the Twilight series). Anyway, this is a conversation Geekologie Loyalist Marshall D. recorded over the holidays. God I hate that f***ing Cleverbot. One time I got so fed up trying to understand my enemy I purposely flew a kite into powerlines just to crash the internet and win a bet I had with Ben Franklin. Who invented lightning now, Benjamin McBifocals? I SHOULD BE ON THAT $100!


Thanks to Marshall D., who shouldn't have even given that delusional bot the time of day.

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