Impressive: The World's Smallest Snowman

December 4, 2009


This is the world's smallest snowman (at 0.01mm), not including the one I just made to beat it. Mine is a tenth the size and has more detail including a real carrot nose. Pfft, science -- science ain't got shit on magic! Back me up, Frosty.

...this minuscule model -- about a fifth the width of a human hair -- is not made out of snow. It's constructed of two tiny tin beads that are usually used to calibrate an electron microscope, and welded together with platinum.

It's built by David Cox, a nanotech expert at the Quantum Detection Group of Britain's National Physical Laboratory.

The remarkable flourish of his smiling snowman is its little happy face, carved into the top orb using a focused ion beam.

Focused ion beam? What is this, the future? Regardless, a focus ion beam doesn't even COMPARE to a beam of focused, um, magic particles. Which I can create from a single flourish of my wand penis. You know how many urinals I've exploded just shaking myself dry. Tens.

World record: 0.01mm nano-snowman [dvice]

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