Mother Calls 911 Over Son's Video Gaming

December 22, 2009


A Boston mother (think terrier, but human-er) recently called 911 on her 14-year old son after finding him playing video games at 2:30 one morning, long after she had told him to go to bed. Nice, but I would have just belted the shit out of him because I know good parenting.

Mejia's son - one of four children the 49-year-old is raising alone - was playing "Grand Theft Auto," an exceedingly violent video in which the gamer assumes the role of ladder-climbing criminal.

An argument ensued as Mejia unplugged her son's PlayStation. Then, this mad-as-hell mother dialed 911. Police responded and managed to talk the boy into shutting off the game and going to sleep.

Mejia said she approves of athletic-themed videos, but as for "Grand Theft Auto," she said, "I would never buy that kind of video. No way. I called (police) because if you don't respect your mother, what are you going to do in your life?"

"They (police) were just like, 'Chill out. Go to bed,' " the boy told the Herald.

Now listen here you little jerk -- you respect your mother. She's busting her ass to support you and three other children and you have to stay up Hot Coffee modding it (I'm on to you, pervert!) into the wee hours? You just be thankful I wasn't on duty to respond to that call. You ever been tazed and pepper sprayed and choked out with RGB cables simultaneously? It's not as kinky as it sounds.

The 911 on video game obsession [bostonherald]

Thanks to Lance, Space Kitten and Pete likes to party - Pete likes - Pete likes to party, who were respectful children but still managed to grow up and be delinquents.

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