Man Gets SWAT-Teamed Over LEGO Gun

December 4, 2009


A Toronto man got SWAT-teamed at work after someone in an apartment complex across the street saw him assembling a LEGO gun (model he was making HERE) through the window. Also, what's the ruling on calling the cops about the The Superficial Writer peaking over my cubicle wall and touching himself?

Late Wednesday afternoon, [Jeremy] Bell -- a partner with the digital design firm Teehan+Lax, located at 460 Richmond St. W. -- was assembling a replica handgun made out of Lego that had arrived.

"The SWAT arrived shortly thereafter."

Across the street, Michael Dent was working in his third-floor loft. He saw what he thought was someone assembling a firearm, so he took some photos and called the police.

"I don't really like guns right beside me -- and then it turned out to be Lego," Dent chuckled.

But he added, "My girlfriend is moving in with her daughter and stuff, and it looks right into our loft where we sleep, so no, not cool."

That's one of the actual photos that Michael Dent (possible relation to Harvey) took there. What do you think? Police-call worthy? I guess it depends on how early you started watching. And, seriously, what about The Superficial Writer? He's starting to moan.

Lego gun sighting leads to police takedown [toronto.ctv] (with more details on the takedown)

Thanks to The Bush Whacker and Popped Culture, who once built a LEGO tank in their driveway and nobody said a thing.

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