Lord Of The Rings Facebook Status Updates

December 21, 2009


Because I'm the L337357 blogger this side of Tar Valon ('Wheel of Time' series reference FTW!), I'm posting two Facebook related posts in a row. What can I say, I BLOG DEEP, SON! Anyway, these are Facebook status updates as written by the characters in Lord of the Rings (or somebody at College Humor). Whatever the case, I thought they were pretty cute. Granted, not as cute as the bustier I'm wearing, but I did buy myself a Victoria's Secret giftcard as an early Christmas present. And this little number is gonna look great on my floor later. Just sayin'!

Hit the jump for five more.






Lord of the Rings Status Updates [collegehumor]

Thanks to Cheyenne, who doesn't actually send tips as much as post shit on her Facebook wall and make me work for it.

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