Looks Cold: LEGO Star Wars On Hoth

December 16, 2009


This is a little gallery of LEGO Star Wars scenes on the planet Hoth created by skilled LEGO player-wither (this word wizardry is getting out of control!) Avanaut. And allegedly there was no Photoshoppery involved either. So I can only assume Avanaut knows a little bit about magic himself. Just imagine if we combined our powers! We could, uh, shit I got nothing.

Hit the jump for two more and another link to Avanaut's Flickr page with even more of the impressive action.



Avanaut's Flickr
On the frigid plains of Hoth [brickbrothers]

Thanks to Adam, mrHiggins, smithy and Stacie, who all claim roasted tauntaun tastes like chicken. I think its too gamey.

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