Just In Time For Christmas!: My 5,000th Post

December 23, 2009


There comes a time in every L337 blogger's life (provided they not do himself in with drugs and alcohol first) when they reach the monumental 5,000th post mark and become inducted into the Blogging God's Hall of Fame. Now I'm still waiting for my acceptance letter, but I'm sure it's just caught up in holiday postal traffic. Right?

At any rate, this is that post for me -- 5,000 articles straight since August, 2007. And for all of you jokers out there that are convinced it's not always me writing, it is. I mean, does that look like a face that could lie? Steal your dog and burn your house to the ground to cover his tracks, sure, but not lie.

Ah, so many memories. How about that one post where I made a really humorous observation about -- no? Well maybe it'll happen sometime in the next 5,000 (don't count on it). Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read what I write (ha -- like you don't just look at the pictures!), I love you all.


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