It's About Time: Rage Against The Machine Wins UK Number 1 Christmas Song Of 2009

December 21, 2009


Apparently the most recent winner of X-Factor (Britain's American Idol) is notorious for taking the #1 Christmas song spot on the charts. But this year, thanks to massive online campaigns on Twitter and Facebook created by Jon Morter, Rage Against the Machine's 17-year old classic, 'Killing In The Name' took the honor. God that song makes me want to swing my hips!

In recent years, it had become as predictable as elections in North Korea - singer wins X Factor, singer's debut single goes to No 1. So when Joe McElderry won the TV talent contest, he was no doubt confident he would celebrate Christmas at the top of the charts.

Killing In The Name, an expletive-heavy rock song first released in 1992 by the Californian rock band Rage Against the Machine, won the battle for Christmas top spot on the basis of downloads only. It sold about 500,000 copies last week, about 50,000 more than The Climb, McElderry's earnest ballad.

Have I ever told you I love Rage Against the Machine? I do. And not just because the name reminds me of braining my first robot with a lead pipe. No, the music meshes perfectly with my angst-filled personality. Ha, what do you mean I should probably go see a doctor about that? F*** YOU I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!

Hit the jump for the official video of 'Killing In The Name', in case my awesome reference made no sense (you outta be ashamed!).

Rage Against the Machine beats X Factor's Joe to Christmas No 1 [guardian]

Thanks to enda, Tim Wright!, Mgrow, Sam K and Amanda, who won't do what you tell them either.

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