It's About Time!: A Cell Phone/Razor Combo

December 23, 2009


The Shave Mobile Razor Phone is a real product from China and should probably win invention of the millennium because, damnit, that's just a fine quality product right there. Tell me -- you think you can make calls and shave at the same time? You sure as hell better!

Q: What did the beard say to the razor cell phone?
A: I'm sorry, I think we just got cut off!


Hit the jump to see the box (complete with unauthorized use of David Beckham's likeness), along with a link to the full CNET Japan review complete with videos and a ton more pics.


史上最強のトンデモ!「ヒゲ剃りケータイ」登場--中国トンデモケータイ図鑑 [cnetjapan] (6-page review in Japanese, videos start on page 4)
shave mobile: the iphone's got nothing on this [technabob]

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