Italian Google Street View: WTF IS THAT?!

December 21, 2009


No really, what the f*** is that?!

Google Maps (see for yourself)

Thanks to dr death, who, Jack Kevorkian reads Geekologie?!

  • it is a branch from a tree.... if u go directly backwards on the road you can see where the tree hangs low enough for the camera on the van to hit it.

  • stuart sloan

    you are right!!!



  • David Jaffit

    btw, it's bird shit...

  • itsmechase

    its a branch from the tree thats directly behind the view of the branch

  • Aliens vs Robots.

  • Looks like a tree branch to me - might have been kicked up by the car in front of something - tree branch from an evergreen tree RIGHT UP at the lens.

  • Photo bomb.  Go to other views in the area.  No smoke monster.  Saw one view where it was between the camera and a power pole.

    Looks like a pic of a (failed?) rocket launch.

  • tkbrdly

    the smoke monster from lost.

  • there must  be something on the camera because if you go back a few meters on the street view you can see the strange thing is overlaying the object in the street, meaning it must be closer to the camera then the objects in the street.

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