It Wasn't Me, Stop Asking: 'Walking With Dinosaurs' Robotic Dino Stolen In Mexico

December 8, 2009


FOR THE LAST TIME, IT WASN'T ME. I've already been contacted by the authorities and while I may have had some interest in one of the human-operated dinos, I wouldn't be caught dead stealing a ROBOTIC model. I just couldn't do it. Literally, no boner.

Staff noticed the 1.5m tall robot was missing after the show closed on its opening day in Guadalajara on Friday.

"Only in Mexico! How it happened we don't know," said the show's spokesman, Karla Arroyo. It is the first time an exhibit has been stolen from the show, she added.

The theft did not stop the show going ahead. Everything went on as usual," said Ms Arroyo.

She said the stolen robot was the least expensive from the show - some measure up to 13m and cost up to 1m Australian dollars.

"Only in Mexico!"? What's the hell's that supposed to mean? And, on a completely unrelated note: where would be the best place to hide a giant robotic dinosaur? Please say in bed, please say in bed....

Walking With Dinosaurs robot stolen from Mexico show [bbcnews]

Thanks to Dave, Age, stephen podstar povey, Katt, adam and SquidgyB, who all flat-out accused me of the heist.

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