Impressive: Kid Makes Beercan Tab Chain Mail

December 9, 2009


Knight Neversmiles of the Round Beerpong Table here went and made himself a coat of chain mail armor out of pull-tabs from beer cans. Although there may have been some pop-tops in there too, that wouldn't surprise me. Anyway, he did a good job but there's just no way you can look like a hard-ass wearing chainmail made out of pull-tabs. I mean I could, but I'd also....

fill your eyes with that laser vision!
no disguise for my laser vision
ooh, when it gets through to you, it's always new to you
my laser vision gets the best of you!

F*** yeah Foreigner. Not you, Frenchie!

Hit the jump for a bunch of close-ups.





Beercan Tabs Chainmail Armor [sadanduseless]

Thanks to reado, who once made a suit of armor out of Capri-Sun pouches.

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