I'm On It!: Make Up A Funny/Sob Story About How You Lost Your Data And Win Bacon!

December 15, 2009


As part of a campaign promoting Norton Online Backup, Norton is running a contest giving away free bacon-of-the-month memberships simply for lying your ass off and making up a story about losing important computer data. Piece of cake bacon. The rules:

1) You tell us your data-loss horror stories - like that time you actually lost your Macbook to a pack of rabid squirrels - and how you either used online backup or wish you had. (Everyone who enters gets a free trial subscription to Norton Online Backup)

2) We review your submissions, maybe laugh at your foolishness or cry at your misfortune. Then we pick our favorites to be featured each week. For your entry to be featured, you must include either a photo, a link to a video or an awesome cartoon depicting what went down (but it's not a requirement to enter the contest drawing).

3) We promise not to cheat while randomly choosing 12 grand prize winners, split between two drawings -- first in January and then in March. The luckiest of the lucky will receive a one year delicious gourmet bacon-of-the-month club subscription (or, for our vegetarian friends, the cash equivalent). They'll also get bacon soap, bacon dental floss, bacon lip balm, bacon mints and, of course, a one year free subscription to Norton Online Backup 25GB.

So check it -- one time I was using my laptop to watch porno physics lectures on the city bus when the bus driver passed out from heroin. Like any good looking Samaritan, I took the wheel before realizing IF THE SPEED DROPPED BELOW 55MPH RUSSIA WOULD FIRE NUKES AT THE MOON! To save the Mooninites I sped up, hit a ramp, skipped the bus across the Atlantic, AND THEN CRASHED THAT BITCH RIGHT INTO THE KREMLIN! At some point during all this, somebody stole my computer. Also, I may have hit Big Ben instead of the Kremlin. Goodbye moon! (where's my bacon?)

Norton Saved My Bacon

Thanks to Cantara, who agrees there should be more bacon-related contests.

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