Iffy: Operation Allows 'High Definition' Vision

December 8, 2009


So allegedly there's a new eye surgery that allows patients to achieve 'HD vision'. Weird, I thought all vision was high definition. But what the hell do I know? I'm no ophthalmologist, I'm just a guy that spiced up an ordinarily boring eyeball graphic with LASER VISION!!!

Surgeons begin the process by implanting the lens into the eye using the standard procedure for cataracts.

The lens is made from a special light-sensitive silicone. By shining ultraviolet light on specific parts of the lens, surgeons can change its shape and curvature, sharpening the image seen by the patient.

The lens can be adjusted several times over a period of days until patients have perfect vision. A final blast of light then permanently fixes the lenses' shape.

The technique gives patients vision so sharp that it is even better than 20/20 - the best an adult can usually hope for.

Oh really? 20/20 is the best an adult can usually hope for? THEN WHY IS THIS ADULT HOPING FOR -20/20 PLUS BONUS LASER VISION!!!? Did I mention x-ray? Because I'm hoping for that too. Also, vision that cures cancer and makes me fly. Remember folks: hope for the moon. Even if NASA denies you astronaut status you can still go to Space Camp.

Op Lets People Upgrade Their Eyes To HD [yahoonews]

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