Iffy: A 'How To Talk To Women' XBox Game

December 14, 2009


Apparently there's a downloadable XBox game that's supposed to teach you how to talk to girls. Which -- so let me get this straight: playing a video game....to learn how to talk to girls. Folks, you better put your foil helmets on, the universe is imploding.

"Are you nervous talking to girls? All you need is practice," I kid you not, is the tag line for a downloadable Xbox 360 game called Don't Be Nervous Talking 2 Girls.

The 80 point ($1) indie game is one part dating sim and tries to be one part edutainment. Don't Be Nervous Talking 2 Girls takes it self surprisingly seriously for such a silly title.

Now wait just a minute -- are we talking TO girls or are we talking TWO girls. Because those are two completely different things. One of which might actually be worth $1. Psyyyyyyche! What is this, a value menu?!

Xbox 360 Game Wants To Help You Talk To Women [siliconera]

Thanks to Jackie Jormp Jomp, who doesn't need an XBox game to talk to the other sex because the Wii port is better.

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