I'd Play It: Oh No...Zombies!, The Board Game

December 21, 2009


Oh No...Zombies! is a real $22 board game created by Archie McPhee. It probably sucks, but if you buy it I promise to play it with you at least once. Also, Twister. Just a heads up though: I have three legs. *wink* Well, one's a penis.

It's come to this. You're trapped in the middle of nowhere inside a rundown shack surrounded by zombies. Your cell phone doesn't get reception and the land lines just emit a constant busy signal. Your only hope for survival is to get to one of the abandoned stores so you can get a battery for the CB radio in the shack and a shotgun to help you survive the trip back. Good luck with that. Includes spooky gameboard, fourteen 2" tall, plastic game pieces, thirty-four cards and three dice.

That doesn't really explain the gameplay much, so I'll take this opportunity to make it up. You set up your character pieces in the middle, with the zombies in the exterior circle. Then, you roll the dice, get bored, and go play XBox. Fun!

Hit the jump for a closeup of the board and game pieces.


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Thanks to efrulz and Yopoleo, who don't play board games, they play sheet-metal games.

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