I'd Drink It: Heineken Bottle Christmas Tree

December 22, 2009


This is a Christmas tree in China made out of a 1,000 Heineken bottles (looks like more to me, but what do I know -- I've been drinking) and some kind of armature to hold it all up. Probably not cake. But that would be great wouldn't it, beer and cake? I would dive right into that sucker. Which, true story, I'm going to do anyways.


The beer -- it's seeping into my all my cuts....this may have been my best idea yet!

Hit the jump for three more of the oh, yeah, I'm passing out.




Chrismas Tree Made From 1,000 Beer Bottles [inhabitat]

Thanks to Branden, who made a Christmas Tree out of 10,000 liquor bottles but it got stolen. That sucks, anybody know of a cheap storage facility around here?

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