"Holy Cow": False Idol Or Not? I Need A Ruling

December 9, 2009


There was a cow born in Sterling, Connecticut with a cross on its forehead. He was nicknamed Moses by local children, but I'm still convinced he's the anti-burger.

His owner, Brad Davis, told WFSB-TV he thought the marking may be a message from above, though he is still trying to worl out what that message might be.

Ric Grummer, the chairman of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Dairy Science, told the Norwich Bulletin newspaper it is not unusual for a Holstein cow to have a white marking on its head.

But Mr Grummer said the cross shape is unique.

Nice, what do you think would come out if this cow and an ox with a heart on it's head had babies? I'm guessing a unicorn with a heart on its head WITH SWORDS THROUGH IT. Bitchin'.

Hit the jump for a closeup of the nog.


'Holy cow' born with cross on forehead [telegraph]

Thanks to Add not Andrew MacGregor, which makes the score 3-2 or 2-2 depending on whether you count And's tip from two years ago. That's up for you two to work out. Now you guys try to limit yourselves to a couple tips a day, please. And make them good ones.

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