Equal Parts Classy And Sexy: Tyrannosaurus Rex Eating Fried Chicken Drumstick Ring

December 4, 2009


Like all southerners, Tyrannosaurus Rexes are notorious fried chicken lovers. They eat that shit like the fat kids used to eat my tater-tots at school lunch when I wasn't paying attention. I NEEDED THOSE FOR NUTRITION! Anyway, somebody went and made a 'T-Rex eating a Fried Chicken Drumstick' ring.

A super detailed T-Rex eating fried chicken leg, yummy! You can get him in shiny, copper (red pictured) or oxidized (dark pictured). The brass looks like gold and vermeil too!

Can size to any finger just email otherwise 5.5, 7 or 8.5 are standard sizes we make.

Prices rance from $100 - $600 depending on the finish (brass, copper, silver, gold vemeil or 14K gold) you choose. And sadly, no, the drumstick isn't an actual miniature metal-plated drumstick. Trust me, I tried. And, on a side note, is there a such thing as a free dental clinic?

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots including one of portly comedian Zach Galifiknockwurst wearing one.






Thanks to Zak, who made a 'Velociraptor Eating Fatback' ring and will punch you in the face.

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