Don't Worry, I Won't: "Please Do Not Board The Elevator With The Robot"

December 7, 2009


You'd have got to be out of your gotdamn mind to board an elevator with a robot, but apparently students at the Stanford Medical School need to reminded not to. And these kids are gonna be performing surgeries? Yeah, not on me they're not!

After finishing my doctoral work, I returned to Stanford Medical School to finish up the MD part of my MD/PhD....While waiting for the elevator, a large washing-machine-sized robot--a unit that had then been recently introduced at Stanford Hospital to pick up and deliver x-ray films--pulled up along side me. After waiting patiently together, we both entered the elevator. As the door closed, the robot began to whir and then quite rapidly spun around 180 degrees to re-orient itself for exiting.

The large spinning robot nearly knocked me down in the elevator. It was somewhat frightening to be trapped in an elevator with little clearance for a massive spinning robot.

I recall being somewhat concerned about what might happen if a fragile patient, walking along with an intravenous pump, or a medical team with a patient on a gurney, entered the elevator with the robot.

What kind of world do we live in where people have to be REMINDED to not get on an elevator WITH A ROBOT. Do people not take any responsibility for their own personal safety anymore? And, if not, do they really deserve to live? These questions and more answered in my forthcoming novel, 'No, You Actually Don't Deserve To Live', available in hardcover this spring.

Do not board the elevator with robot [boingboing]

Thanks to Drew, who won't even board a moving sidewalk with a robot because he's not an idiot.

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