Doing It Wrong: Flasher Hit By Flashed Car

December 16, 2009


A female flasher who was showing motorists her own airbags (metaphorical magic!) ended up distracting one virgin so badly he ran over her. AAAAAAAHHH BOOOOOBIES!!

Cherelle Dudfield, 18, rolled over the car's bonnet and hit the windscreen but escaped serious injury.

The New Zealand teenager was later arrested and has now admitted disorderly behaviour. She said she was egged on by a friend to flash her breasts while standing in the middle of a road in Invercargill on New Zealand's South Island in September.

Judge David Holderness called her actions dangerous, adding that she was lucky not to have been badly hurt. She was fined £120 (~$195)

Damn, hit by a car AND charged almost $200. This reminds me of the time I pulled over on the highway to relieve myself and caused the lunar lander to crash. I already told you NASA, I'm not paying!

Flash crash teen knocked over [thesun]

Thanks to Andrew MacGregor, who once flashed his junk on an overpass and got a thumbs down from two motorists in a row.

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