DIY Wolverine Claws Confiscated In The UK

December 31, 2009


These homemade Wolverine claws were recently confiscated during a UK crackdown on illegal goods in the postal system, along with drugs and other weapons. On that note, who can get me into the evidence room?

Staff at the depot have seized drugs, imitation weapons and a package containing thousands of fake Viagra tablets in recent months.

Fake Viagra tablets? That's just cruel. I mean, you order boner pills you EXPECT boner pills. Reminds me of the time I bought ecstasy and ended up with chewable vitamins. Saddest pterodactyl ever.

Makeshift Wolverine Claws Seized by UK Officials [tmz]

Thanks to Samuel and Ian, who once sent Wolverine a get-well card before realizing he probably already was.

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