DIY!: Death Star And Darth Vader Blueprints

December 22, 2009


Want to build your own Death Star? What about a Vader mask or lightsaber? Well now you can thanks to these easy-to-follow (ease of following not guaranteed) Star Wars blueprints!

* Ever wondered what made up the Death Star?

* True detail and information for any fan!
* Must have for the library!

This incredible library of blueprint posters shows Star Wars locations like you've never seen them before! Whether it's a breakdown of the hyper drive system in the Millennium Falcon, or the complete floor plan of the Deathstar, these blueprints will impress and amaze any Star Wars fan. Blueprints come in a hardcover.

Hell yes I want a breakdown of the Millennium Falcon's hyperdrive system! I mean, how else am I gonna travel faster than light? Which, science fact: if you travel as fast as light you turn into light. OMG I wanna be a neon beer sign!

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Star Wars Blueprints Let Anyone Build A Death Star [nerdapproved]

Thanks to Closet Nerd, whose gonna help me build a Death Star AND BLOW UP THE MOON. MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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