Darwin Award Candidates: How To Unsuccessfully Deal With Black Ice

December 29, 2009

So you're driving along when all of a sudden you can't stop your car. Shit, you've hit a patch of dreaded black ice -- what do you do? Personally, I'd turn the stereo up to 11 and pump my fist, but that's because I'm a superhero.

Shocking driving condtions in Paignton (England) on the busiest shopping day of the year. The car is barely moving but the hill makes stopping impossible and both people in the front of the car decide to jump out.

That's right, these two jackasses decide to get out. Which, fun fact: if you're not in your car when it hits another one, you're not responsible for the damage it does. What do you mean 'yes you are'? THEN WHY DID I JUST LEAVE AFTERWARD?

What Not to Do When Your Car Starts Sliding On Black Ice [techeblog]

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