Cry Baby: Man Insulted Because Coca-Cola Website Generated Offensive Security Code

December 11, 2009


Apparently a man who's too stupid to realize nobody ever wins anything with those "go to a website and enter the code under your cap" deals (you haven't, don't lie) was offended when the randomly-generated security code at the Coca-Cola website read "U F**KR".

Warehouse manager Alistair, 26, said: "I couldn't believe my eyes when that popped up.

"I understand it was randomly generated, but you'd think Coke would have some measures in place to stop four-letter words like that appearing."

Red-faced Coca-Cola bosses have promised immediate action to prevent embarrassing codes popping up in future.

"Unfortunately this has occurred due to an automated selection of random letters but we are taking immediate action to ensure this will not happen again."

Oh grow up, Alistair, you whiny little Nancy. You're just upset cause you know THE CODE WAS THE TRUTH. Ooooh, burn!

Coke 'sorry' for swear blunder [sun]

Thanks to Coedy, who once had to enter 'U BUTTLOVING DILDO' and did it without thinking twice because he's not a whiny baby.

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