Compressed Air Makes For "Better" Mousetrap

December 16, 2009

We've already seen a couple different approaches to improving the mousetrap here on Geekologie, both of which were questionable at best. And here comes another! God, just zappity-zap those bitches with laser vision like a normal damn person.

Built by a bloke called Jake Easton, the trap is housed in a beautifully designed, shiny, aluminum case. It works using a combination of complex series of solenoids, electronic control circuitry and a heavy-duty pneumatic actuator. The 40 to 60 PSI of compressed air can deliver a death blow of 102 pounds to the pesky rodent.

I thought the whole appeal of those cheap-ass, spring-loaded joints was that you could throw the whole damn thing away afterward and you didn't have to mess with the dead mouse. Also, that they don't require being hooked up to a compressor. But what do I know about product design? I'm just the guy that invented the yellow lines that show up when you watch football games on television. I'm so rich it's sick. Still, for $100 I'll trip this thing with my wang.

Acme mousetrap uses compressed air to splat furries [dvice]

Thanks to maria, who disposes of rodents the old fashioned way: by hiring a hitman. No, not pest control, an actual guy with a gun. Brutal!

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