By The Power Of Grayskull!: A Zelda Cake

December 27, 2009


How bout that title, huh? You thought I lost my mind, didn't you? WELL I HAVEN'T AND I CAN MIX FICTIONAL UNIVERSES ALL I WANT. Sure taking the Zelda franchise in vain is sacrilegious, but Spirit Tracks is about a damn train. A train in the Zelda universe. Shit's blowin' my mind -- I thought they'd just invented horses! Anyway, this is a Zelda cake. The characters are kinda generic but you get what you pay for. In this case somebody didn't pay enough. I love it!

Awesome Legend Of Zelda Birthday Cake [break]

Thanks to Steve, who once bought a Zelda cake from a real Hyrulian bakery and washed it down with a quart of Lon Lon milk.

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