BEEP BOOP BUZZ: R2-D2 And All His Tools

December 17, 2009


R2-D2, best known for having to put up with that whiny gold asshole all the time, is actually a pretty handy little droid to have around. He can pick locks, shock people, and even launch a lightsaber to you when you're about to be fed to a Sarlacc. Plus the guy knows how to party (suck it, Bender!).

This hand-painted 1:6 scale representation of R2-D2 comes with 8 accessories, including a periscope scanner, mechanical gripper, and utility saw. As you can see you can stick them on Artoo's head or on his chest. You can pre-order the limited edition R2-D2 statue at the Star Wars Shop for $149 (USD). Unfortunately Artoo won't make it in time for Christmas; orders won't be shipped until June next year.

I kind of want one. Is that wrong? Because if it is I don't wanna be right. Wait, yes I do. I always want to be right. TOO BAD I'M LEFT. Oh -- oh -- incoming novelty t-shirt idea!: "Southpaws don't have to do it right". I'd buy one (read: you'd send me one for free). Somebody, run with it! *CRASH* Aaaaaand you should have looked both ways.

r2-d2 statue armed with all of the tools an astromech needs [technabob]

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