Be Safe, In Style: Fashionable Safety Vests

December 23, 2009


Safety vests are, by nature, garish. They're orange or bug-guts green and usually have some luminescent stripes to accentuate you not getting hit by a car. But that's what's important right? Safety. Same reason I won't blog without my crash helmet on.

Hi-Vis is a set of innovatively designed, highly-visible vest collection, specially designed for road side safety. Unlike usual roadworker's uniform like vests, the Hi-Vis collection comprises stylish sporting buttons, frills and collars that will effectively eliminate the shame of wearing them for the users. With its eye-soothing fluorescent green color along with fashionable black liner, these vests can easily become a selection for all motorists who is undergoing through an unfortunate break down. Other drivers can easily locate the wearer from enough distance that requires making a safe and perfect evade.

Effectively eliminating the shame of wearing one? You've got to be kidding me. Although honestly, I'd wear a giant pink dildo with sparklers on my head if it means not getting hit by a bus.

Hit the jump for some more safety couture.


Hi-Vis Vest Offers Complete Roadside Safety with Style [tuvie]

Thanks to Don, who just sets himself on fire.

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