Awh, That's Precious: Cute Keyboard Stickers

December 5, 2009


This is a set of keyboard stickers by designer Chris de Lorenzo that replace the letters with cute lil pictures of things representing the letters. G SHOULD BE GEEKOLOGIE. The whole list is:

q quaker

w walrus
e elf
r radio
t tooth
y yak
u umbrella
i ice creams
o owl
p pirate
a airplane
s skull
d devil
f fox
g geisha
h house
j jaws
k king
l ladybug
z zeus
x xylophone
c cat
v vampire
b bowie
n ninja
m mountains

I dig it. Sure everybody knows B is always for boobies, but Bowie isn't a bad second. I'm still putting the O in B's place though.

B Is for Bowie, A Is for Awesome Keyboard Stickers [gizmodo]

Thanks to austin, who couldn't tell f was a fox. Haha, I called you out!

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