Arts & Crafts!: Boy Makes Duct Tape Hoodie

December 2, 2009


Ever wanted a hoodie made entirely out of duct tape? Me neither....TILL I SAW THIS ONE. Now it's on the Christmas list!

Over at Instructables, one young visionary has shared his technique for weaving a hoodie from these godly adhesive strips. He says the resulting garment is quite warm and impervious to rain.

Interesting, but that's not the MOST interesting thing about this post. For starters, is it coincidence the boy's pose IS IDENTICAL to the guy on the TV? I think not! Secondly, what's up with that lizard with the sunglasses? Does he really think he's cool? Because HE IS SO BEYOND COOL! Lastly, I spy an N64 controller.

P.S. Nice dino stickers on the light switch. Are they glow in the dark?! Please tell me they glow in the dark. Sleepover!

Duct Tape Hoodie Is Basically Geek Chain Mail...Err, Geekier Chain Mail [gizmodo]

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