Are You Man Enough To Buy A Label-less N64 Game From Some Guy On eBay?

December 23, 2009


I know I am -- if the price was right. Unfortunately it's not because this auction is already up to $110 with two and a half days left. *scraping frantically with a razor blade* I'm gonna be rich!

Yes, this game is missing its labels, leaving the games identity indiscernible. However, everything else about the cartridge is perfect. There's no sticker residue, major scratches, writing, dents, cracks, or anything else. The 'game' (whatever it may be) plays just fine thanks to a few hours of heavy duty contact cleansing (I rubbed those contacts down as if there was no tomorrow).

You are bidding on THE CARTRIDGE WITH NO NAME.

Thanks to all the fake bids placed by speds to be funny, the seller has decided to include three, count them, THREE label-less cartridges in the auction so you get more bang shitty game for our buck. Plus, 25% of the sale is going to the Child's Play charity, which aims to scare the shit out of less fortunate children with murderous dolls. Not cool!

eBay Auction

Thanks to Isaac, who's man enough to know when you shouldn't place bids on eBay: after seven beers.

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