Another Day, Another OM NOMing Kitteh

December 7, 2009

Listen, I will never get tired of cats that literally OM NOM when they eat, okay? I'm sorry, i just can't help it. Like being neck-breakingly handsome or able to sleep in any position at work.

I don't remember how we decided to give her sour cream in first place, but it made every single person laugh that i showed this "talent" of hers, so i decided to share it with the rest of the world as well :)

Sour cream, huh -- who would've thought?! I wonder what she'll do if you gave her sour cream & onion chips. Probably OM NOM and PEW PEW -- that's a good-ass flavor combo right there.


Thanks to Curtis, who OM NOMs his food when he eats but he does it on purpose and nobody thinks it's cute. You should probably stop.

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