Adrianne Curry Plays World Of Warcraft Nekkid

December 7, 2009


That's right you little geeks, Adrianne Curry plays some butt-naked (and STONED) World of Warcraft. Did you hear that? That was 11.5 million WoW players crashing the Nazgrel server in an attempt to scout out her Level 33 Night Elf and steal it away from a Level 4 Brady.

Adrianne Curry, the first winner of reality TV series America's Next Top Model, plays Blizzard's World of Warcraft in the nude - and she's got the pictures to prove it.

Via her Twitter, Curry announced that after an intense workout at her kickboxing class she would be taking a shower, then spending her Sunday afternoon getting stoned and playing World of Warcraft naked.

Head on over to The Superficial to check out even more provocative pictures of Mrs. Peter Brady, including one of the WoW'er with a Darth Vader statue between her breasts. Why? Because he likes it there. Don't question the Vade!

America's Next Top Model Winner Plays WoW Naked [escapistmagazine]

Thanks to g3ne, who would hide himself in a computer tower for one glimpse of Adrianne's spicy body. Get it? Spicy. Like curry! God I'm good at this.

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