10th Anniversary Spongebob Crash Helmet

December 23, 2009


To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of everybody's favorite anthropomorphic stoned sponge, Rube Pavillon is released 200 of these limited-edition Spongebob Squarepants motorcycle helmets. Unfortunately for you poorer Spongebob fans, the helmets are selling for $1,200. Yes, apiece. So you'd be better off buying a blank helmet and having somebody airbrush that bucktoothed kitchen wipe on it for you. BOOM, just saved you $1,000! Also, I think this is more of a moped helmet than a motorcycle helmet, know what I'm saying? I'm saying it looks ridiculous.

Hit the jump for some closeups of a helmet you'll never buy.




SpongeBob Motorcycle Helmet Released in Celebration of SpongeBob SquarePant's 10th Anniversary [walyou]

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