WTF WAS THAT?!: A Robotic Britney Spears

November 30, 2009

This is a video of a dancing robot girl that was shot (the footage, not the robot -- unfortunately) during the very disturbing (and fundamentally wrong) ROBO-ONE GATE Dance Competition. A dancing robot competition? Really? That's it, I'm heading to the moon.

The 6th ROBO-ONE GATE IN INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009 Dance Competiton spons took place in Tokyo Big Sight, during INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2009 , on Nov. 28th, 2009. `LOVE & JOY, Yuhi Kimura` by Doka Harumi (Doka Project). No one survived the performance.

Jesus, this is the shit nightmares are made of. You know, the kind you wake up from with a full load. And don't even act like it's never happened, it's happened. I ran into your mom at the grocery store!

Doka Harumi's robot dance routine fills us with shame for humanity, but mostly Japan [engadget]

Thanks to Mycropht, who once danced with a robot BUT ONLY TO GET CLOSE ENOUGH TO PLANT THE C4. Good lookin', Micropht.

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