WOW: Amazingly Amazing Tauntaun Costume

November 16, 2009


I hate out of season articles as much as you do, but this tauntaun Halloween costume by Scott Holden was too good not to post. Plus, I'd have already forgotten about it by the time Halloween rolls around next year (booze).

Scott made this amazing costume from scratch. Using designs made in Solidworks, he started to outline the Tauntaun. The head mold was detailed using clay, then a mold was made , then it was cast, and on and on. The horns were made in almost the same manner.

Never thought an animal would have a chassis did you? Well this beast does! This component too made completely from scratch and the best bit of this costume? The costume walks and is not a static display. Scott had to fabricate his own stilts to make this beast complete.

Good looking, Scott! The costume, not you. I mean, you're handsome and all, but that's not what this is about -- this is about the costume. But yours's like you can see right through my computer screen and know I'm not wearing anything but a smile and Ewok pelt.

Hit the jump for a bunch of the process and a video of the costume in action.






Tauntaun Costume On The Loose [walyou]

Thanks to Pew³, who wold have laser-blasted that thing to all hell and ruined his chances of sleeping in it.

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