What If: Famous Superheroes Had Beards?

November 30, 2009


Vanja Mrgan is a Croatian illustrator with a dream, a dream of imagining what normally beardless superheroes would look like with some manly facial hair. Although they aren't actually all superheroes, some are jerks like Boba Fett. Now I know what you're thinking, "damn, I wonder what the GW would look like with a beard?" And the answer to that, my friends, is magical. Ever seen a unicorn being born? They fly out of my face.

Hit the jump for a few more and a link to Vanja's deviantART page with even more (ongoing project).




Vanja's DeviantART Page
Bearded Superheroes [laughingsquid]

Thanks to naas, fishsupperhead and Martin, who can't grow bears and may or may not be in middle school.

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