Welcome To The Gun Laser Show: Girl Shows Off Her 'Pew Pew' Tattoos

November 17, 2009


This is a photo taken by Flickr user Meow Cely of a girl with 'pew pew' tattooed across her fingers. I must admit, I admire her dedication to the pews. You don't see me rocking any pew-y ink (except in THIS post), and I'm one of the the laser blaster's biggest proponents. Funny story: I went to a gun and knife show a few weeks ago and demanded my entrance fee be returned when I found out there weren't any laser guns. Also, I accidentally cut myself with a bowie knife and tried to play it off like I'd been stabbed.


(Geek) Thug Life!: Pew Pew Tattoo [greatwhitesnark]

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