The Colorblind Clock Is A Little Discriminatory

November 4, 2009


Because the colorblind aren't real people and certainly don't deserve to know what time it is, design company sonodesign is selling 'the clock i can't see'. The clock I can't see is a £35 ($58) wall clock designed to put the colorblind in their place and make them miss appointments.

Take a closer look and you will see numbers (12, 3, 6 and 9) hidden in amongst the spots. This clock is made of double thickness high quality acrylic and will hang on a standard picture hook.

Oh really? Well if you take a closer look at my fist you'll see stars. KA-POW! Neat, huh? While you recover, anybody can still read this clock provided you know where the numbers typically are (placement is pretty standard). So yeah, you may have won this battle, The Colorblind, but wait till they let me design prescription pills. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hit the jump for two more shots including a close-up of the numbers.



Product Site

sonodesign: the clock i can't see [designboom]

Thanks to ardas, who tells time the old fashioned way: asking somebody else.

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