Suck It, Mad Men!: Awesome Play-Doh Ads

November 4, 2009


This is a series of amazing Play-Doh ads that were spotted in a magazine in Singapore. They were only printed a single time, because when parent company Hasbro caught wind that somebody in their Singapore office had approved the ads, they shit Play-Doh. Then it hit the fan. Now it looks like Mr. Bill exploded in their office.

Hit the jump for four more awesome ads, and a link if you want to read about the ado the campaign caused.





A Campaign With an Edge [uglydoggy]
Hasbro responds to the scam Play Doh ads [thedog&ponyshow]

Thanks to Matt, who once ate a whole can of Play-Doh and said it tasted like boogers. It's the salt, Matt.

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