Roomba Saves Kids From Poisonous Snake

November 28, 2009


Apparently a Roomba operating in Israel recently sucked up a poisonous Vipera palaestinae, preventing it from killing a family's two children and pets. Too bad that poor snake WASN'T GONNA DO ANYTHING.

One evening last week Efi turned the robot on and left the house. When she returned she tried to turn it back on though it kept beeping and getting stuck. When she opened the machine she discovered that the machine prevented the small viper from occupying the home and hurting her young children. "He was probably looking for a place to hide in one of the rooms because of the upcoming winter." Eli explains.

Exactly. That poor lil guy was just looking for a place to stay warm for the winter when this robot came and TOOK ITS LIFE, completely upsetting a delicate ecosystem. Which, true story, IS ALL PART OF THE ROBOTIC MASTER PLAN. Global warming? Robots.

Hit the jump for one more of the poor little bastard all wrapped up and dead in the robot's killer spinning parts.


Heroic Israeli Roomba Saves Children From Deadly Viper [botjunkie]

Thanks to Kristi and Curtis, who would have snatched that poor bastard from the evil Roomba's clutches and stomped that mechanical beast to death. Snakes are people too you know.

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