Transfurniture: Couch Turns Into Bunk Bed

November 14, 2009


Ever wanted a couch that transforms into bunk beds? Me neither. I do want one that turns into a fighter jet though. Okay you got me, I do want a transformer bunk bed. BUT IT BETTER NOT BE SENTIENT OR I WILL DRAG THAT SHIT OUT INTO THE YARD AND BURN IT.

A SOFABED THAT DOES DOUBLE DUTY, Mobelform's Doc folds out into not one, but two twin sized beds stacked one atop the other: in short, a bunk bed. Included are the necessary mattresses as well as a ladder and short rail to prevent mid-night tumbles.

This reminds me of the time my cousin was spending the night and my parents let him sleep in my bunk bed and made me sleep on the floor. Well, he rolled out of the bed in the middle of the night and fell five feet to the ground and didn't even wake up. I thought he was dead. He might have been dead.

Hit the jump for another bed making the transformation.




mobelform doc sofabed [padstyle]

Thanks to Oisin, who once made love on a pull-out sofa bed. Once -- just once.

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