PC Desk Has Built In Water-Cooled Computer

November 25, 2009


This is a desk with a water-cooled computer built right in to its very soul. And....is that an ashtray and cigarettes? VOIDED WARRANTY IS VOIDED.

It's all built from the ground up: desk and computer, custom designed to fit the maker's needs. Even the reservoir was designed specifically to fit this desk. And now that it's finished? He needs to start making them for everyone else!

I kind of like how the motherboard is all open access so my cats can jump in there and lay on top of it. Because that's 100& exactly what they'd do. Shut up I know my symbols, okay~

Hit the jump for a closeup of the computer part.


computer and desk form to create super office entity [technabob]

Thanks to Chris, who noted that dude may have Photoshopped the parrot in to hide the on-screen porn.

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