Mashed Peas, You Are Cleared For Landing

November 24, 2009


The $25 Illuminated JetBib from ThinkGeek is by far the greatest advance in baby-feeding technology since the tit. The bib and wing tips feature flashing LEDs to ensure a smooth flight and that all food aboard Gerber flight B4BY makes it safely to the hanger. Plus, the spoon end is removable for easy cleaning. That's just smart product design right there. WW2 flight helmet and goggles optional, but highly recommended. Uh-oh -- bogeys at nine o'clock! Dinner's at seven. AND DON'T BE LATE. BARREL ROLL, BARREL ROLL! Little help over here, Fox McCloud! RAT-A-TAT-A-TAT! BOOM! I've been hit -- eject, EJECT! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!! Great, now the baby's crying. But seriously, I think you can tell I'd make a great father.

ThinkGeek Product Site
JetBib: Baby food, you're cleared for landing [dvice]

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