Gross: Spit Ball Toys Grow 200x Original Size

November 6, 2009


Spit Balls are a $ 5 toy from Edmund Scientific that grow to 200x their original size and sound like something that I don't want to touch. Still, for the sake of science, I'd put them in my mouth.

The wonder of polymers makes these slimy spit balls possible. Easy to make and fun to use, spit balls grow to 200x their original size and are slimy to the touch. Slip, slide, and bounce the balls until they explode on target.

"Growing to 200x it's original size"...."slimy to the touch"...."bouncing the balls until they explode on target"....remind you of something else? Yeah, me neither.

Product Site

Finally Some Real Innovation! Polymer Spit Balls Grow To 200x Their Original Size [ohgizmo]

  • Oh, spit ball toys grow 200x original size, then it is very cool news for them who love to play with spit balls. The spit balls are very cheap which are from Edmund Scientific.

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