DO NOT LIKE: It's Raining Polar Bears

November 24, 2009

WARNING: Video is graphic (in case you couldn't tell by the screenshot) due to simulated polar bear deaths.

This is a disturbing video of it raining polar bears (why couldn't it be men?!) funded by U.K. based Plane Stupid, an anti-airport expansion (read: terrorist) organization.

Brief: We wanted to confront people with the impact that short-haul flights have on the climate. We used Polar Bears because they're a well understood symbol of the effect that climate change is having on the natural world.

Granted I didn't even read the quote, but did that stop me from stealing my roommate's credit card and donating $30 to the SPCA? It did not.


Thanks to Matthew, mike and The Baroness, who love polar bears but not enough to hug one because they will maul the shit out of you.

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