Geeky Comic Book Style Wedding Invitation

November 25, 2009


When I get married again
If I ever get married again
If any of my friends are ever talking about getting married I'm gonna suggest they make similar wedding invitations.

Reenie [the future bride] sez, "The wording [on the back] is my favorite part. It reads: '[We] request the honor of your presence as two geeks save the princess, resist the dark side and pledge their lives (extra, or otherwise) to each other.' And we snuck a Hyrulian crest in there too!"

With adorableness like that can you believe she actually had doubts about using these invitations!? Mostly for fear that the older generations wouldn't "get it." But then she realized, "if people don't like the invites then they probably won't get the 'Mario Kart Love Song' that plays on our wedsite, or the lightsaber duel mid-ceremony, or the gaming stations or my Death Cab for Cutie inspired wedding tattoo, or any of the other stuff that is 'us.'"

I assume you lost my address or something, because I haven't gotten my invite yet. Also, what's the open bar situation at the reception? What do you mean you aren't having one? Oh, here's my invitation! Yeah, not gonna be able to make it.

Amazing comic book style invitation [offbeatbride]

Thanks to Vicky, who rode a unicorn away from her wedding instead of a tacky convertible with baked bean cans clanking along behind.

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