FroliCat BOLT: A Laser Lightshow For Cats

November 19, 2009


Yay, two laser posts in a row! The $17 FroliCat BOLT is an award winning laser lightshow for cats with owners who are too lazy to wave a laser pointer around or have lost the use of their limbs.

Simply turn it on and projects a red dot and moves it in random patterns for 15 minutes, or until your cat (or dog, or baby) realizes what's going on and attacks the gadget itself.

You know why cats love lasers so much? Because they're from the future. Plus it has something to do with their nightvision. No, really, I'm not just making this up. I took a correspondence college course in beertasting science. I wore a lab coat and everything.

Video of the POS in action after the jump.

frolicat bolt entertains your pets with laser, not lightning bolts [technabob]

Thanks to Jessie, who just ties a string to a laser pointer and tapes it to the ceiling fan. Smart thinking!

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