For The Person Who Has Everything....

November 25, 2009


A stuffed squirrel on a Harley. Because nothing says, "Seriously, I f***ing have everything else" LIKE A TAXIDERMIED SQUIRREL ON A MOTORCYCLE.

Wild Grey Squirrel on a HARLEY DAVISON MOTORBIKE................... Great for any Motorbike fan........

16ins long. 6ins wide. 11.5ins high

Would make a good Christmas present..

Created by an experienced Taxidermist

Whew, well that's a relief. Because for a second I was worried it was just created by an inexperienced driver who hit a squirrel and likes playing with dead animals. Which, for the record, really isn't that weird. Is it, Mr. Opossum? Wave hi to all the readers!

eBay Auction

Thanks to Walrus, who isn't stuffed with anything but blubber. Can I sleep on your belly?

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